Bowling Equipment Attendant

The Bowling Attendant contributes to our classic family-friendly entertainment by maintaining the bowling equipment for Gale’s Lanes. This position demands high quality monitoring of bowling equipment with regular and necessary maintenance on pinsetter equipment, lanes, and shoes by managing regular safety and maintenance checks and repairing things as needed.

This is a part-time position (5-15 hours a week) with 2-4 hour shifts. Shifts vary between weekdays and weekends and some flexibility is available.

Compensation for this position ranges from $12 per hour.

We are a small team of hard-working folks passionate about a some very important things:

  • fun

  • bowling

  • great customer experiences

  • the pursuit of excellence

  • memories to last a lifetime

  • attention to small details to make a big impact

  • making the world a better place

If you are passionate about the same things, share what you've got with us!